Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Arrived on: November 16, 2017
Nanit’s founders worked in conjunction with a team of sleep experts, scientists and pediatricians to create the only monitor on the market that puts baby’s sleep development in your hands—all without a wearable component. Advanced computer vision and machine learning technology track how well your baby is sleeping. Nanit provides tired parents with helpful info like how many times their baby woke throughout the night. Nanit’s camera also records the number of visits parents/caregivers make to the crib and generates a highlight reel and sleep score based on the previous night’s rest, taking stock of milestones like the first time a baby falls back to sleep without a parent’s intervention. Nanit Insights app provides a single place to track events of the day—plus, it makes it easy to share videos and digital scrapbooks with family and loved ones.

Nanit also travels easily: the Nanit camera can be hooked up to a portable, lightweight Multi-stand—so you can monitor your baby’s sleep on trips near and far worry-free. Bonus: You can use Nanit in its Multi-Stand to monitor your baby as they sleep in a bassinet, or even around the house as a nanny cam.

Nanit’s new Wall Mount safely positions your monitor above the crib, giving you an amazing overhead view of baby while its modular cable management system keeps cords safely tucked away from curious fingers. Other key features include a night light, fully integrated cable management system, humidity and temperature sensors, sound/motion notifications, and the best view of your baby.


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