Stride Rite SRTech Bailey Bootie

Stride Rite SRTech Bailey Bootie

Arrived on: June 25, 2017

This year, Stride Rite’s iconic white baby bootie received a sleek and sporty makeover. The newly redesigned baby bootie, the Bailey, was updated to cater to the tastes of today’s parents, while staying true to the classic styling of the original bootie. The fashion-forward shoe plays into the nostalgia factor for parents. Part of Stride Rite’s SRTech line, the Bailey reflects advancements in footwear technology to provide the most stable and comfortable shoe for toddlers.

Updated shoe features include:
• Lightweight EVA outsole for maximum flexibility
• Rounded athletic sole makes for less tumbles and encourages a more natural gait
• New sensory pod design pays special attention to the heel strike and forefoot pressure points, making it easy for early walkers to feel the ground beneath their feet
• Memory foam technology in the sole provides maximum comfort

The Bailey is available in white, grey and pink metallic. Size availability includes sizes 3-7 in medium-width, wide, and extra wide.