Love To Dream Sleep Suits: Stage 3

Love To Dream Sleep Suits: Stage 3

Arrived on: September 1, 2018

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit (Stage 3 of the Love To Dream Sleep System) is an “all-in-one” style wearable blanket. The Sleep Suit allows for more mobility and freedom than traditional sleep bags, making it perfect for active babies & toddlers who are already on the go.

The “2-in-1” feet can be covered for bedtime & uncovered for play time. Grip pads on feet to help reduce slipping. The Sleep Suit comes in three different variations, so parents can choose the sleep suits that works best for their child, and temperature in the house etc. The Stage 3 eliminates the need for loose blankets that can come off during sleep, and sleep suits come in three different TOGS, colors/patterns and in several sizes to fit children 6-24 months.


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